About My Health Link

My Health Link connects you to your doctor’s office by offering online appointment booking. This is a safe, convenient way to schedule an appointment – even when the clinic is closed.  

Frequently Asked Questions

What is My Health Link? 

My Health Link is an online service which makes it possible for patients to book their doctor’s appointment online.

This is made possible through the Provincial EMR, which many New Brunswick doctors use in their clinic.

What is an EMR? 

EMR stands for Electronic Medical Record. This technology replaces paper charts traditionally used by doctors, making your health information available electronically.

Benefits include:

  • Faster access to your test results
  • Electronic graphs of your medical history
  • Allows the physician to access your medical information online anywhere, anytime
  • Alerts the physician of conflicting prescriptions

What is the Provincial EMR?

The Provincial EMR is delivered by Velante, which is owned by the New Brunswick Medical Society. It is the only EMR in New Brunswick connected to the Department of Health, meaning things such as access to test results are faster. 

As of early 2017, over 400,000 New Brunswickers have had their health information entered in the Provincial EMR by their healthcare provider.

How do I know if my doctor offers My Health Link?

Not all physicians in New Brunswick offer e-booking. You can check the list of participating physicians here. 

I’d like to book my appointment online. How do I get started?

Contact your doctors’ office for a username and password. This brochure will help you get started once you have information to log in.

Is my information safe?

Absolutely. The Provincial EMR follows regulations and standards which are stricter than those for online banking. This level of security applies to My Health Link as well. 

Why doesn’t my doctor offer this service?

Not all doctors use the Provincial EMR, or choose to use the e-booking feature available to them.

If you would like this service to be available at your physician’s clinic, we encourage you to mention your interest during your next visit. It may be something the clinic is considering.

You can also submit an anonymous request through this website. Click “Find your Doctor” on the homepage, and search your doctor’s name (make sure you have the proper region selected). Click their name, and a new page will pop up, asking you to submit a request to your doctor. Click “Submit”, and you’re all done!

I’m trying to book online but it won’t work.

Are you using an old internet browser? This may be the issue. Try updating your browser then try again. If it’s still not working, contact your clinic.

Does this mean I can access my medical record online?

At this time, only e-booking is available. However, we’re working to expand this service and add new features in the future.